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What Is Federated National Insurance?


Federated National Insurance was founded in 1992, and has remained intently dedicated to affording its customers with cost effective insurance options, stellar customer service, and extensive insurance options. With a Financial Stability Rating of “A”, this company has steadily fostered its trust and reliability within its industry. For over 20 years, this company has attended to the insurance needs of countless individuals and businesses, always prioritizing quality service. Federated National Insurance specializes in the areas of high value homes, flood insurance, liability insurance, condo insurance, Florida homeowners insurance from, marine insurance, as well as worker’s compensation insurance.


Federated National possesses its licensure as an admitted carrier in numerous states, including Alabama, Georgia, Alabama and Texas. This company prides itself in its fair, rapid, and individualized service, always imparting its consumers with fair and expedient claims. In terms of claims, this company has dealt out at least $900 million in claims, some of which involved Florida hurricanes.


Insurance Options


This company offers a variety of different insurance options. The homeowners insurance is designed to protect home properties, which is often an individual and family’s most prized asset. A homeowners insurance policy can mitigate the financial damage associated with physical destruction of the home, caused by earthquakes, floods, tornados or hurricanes. This company assesses each home, as well as its relative location and characteristics, in order to craft an individualized policy that adequately covers costs.


Many people relish in the ease of the condo lifestyle, as it does not entail yardwork, or maintenance on your behalf. For this reason, insurance costs may be exceedingly low for a condo owner, as opposed to someone who owns a house. This insurance company can accommodate all of those needs, and the coverage will always correspond to the items you wish to be protected under your policy.

Even if you are currently renting a property, you most likely own a few possessions that are simply indispensable and highly valuable. If this is the case, you may choose renter’s insurance in order to cover all of your much needed assets, even if you do not own your place of residence.

Flood Insurance is highly important, especially in regions that are highly susceptible to tumultuous weather and flooding. Floods have the potential to destroy both the infrastructure of a property, as well as the possessions contained inside of it. Many homeowners are unprepared for floods, and in the face of the flood, they end up facing financial difficulty because their most valued assets have been destroyed. Floods can cause both structural damage and mold, hence the importance of obtaining this insurance for your home.

Do you run your business from home? If this is the case, then you may consider either the umbrella litigation insurance option, or the general litigation insurance from this provider. Litigation is highly common these days, and a single injury on your property can leave you fighting on behalf of your business in court. Always protect your home based business with liability insurance, as this will give you a greater sense of security.